Channel Options

The lighting channel is constructed from aluminum which houses the LED pixels at 6″, 9″ or 12″ spacing. The 9″ channel is the most popular for front elevations. The 6″ is best for pool cages. The channeling color can be closely matched if not exactly match to your existing soffit/fascia colors.

6″ Spacing

9″ Spacing

12″ Spacing

Channel Colors

Let’s Light Up Your Home for Every Moment

Trimlight is an innovative, patented lighting system that allows customers to have permanent, exterior lighting professionally installed on their homes and businesses, eliminating the hassle and worry out of hanging Christmas or holiday lights ever again!

LED Pixel

Our LED pixel produce 12 lumens of beautiful light per LED pixel with nearly 16 million colors to choose from. Our LED lights are encased in a clear epoxy to create a weatherproof light rated for 50,000 hrs of operation and is cover by our Lifetime Warranty Program.

Power and Control

Trimlight is a 12 volt DC lighting system that is super energy efficient. Each LED pixel consumes approximately 0.6 watts. The system enclosure is typically installed in the garage close to the first light.